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Anderson Compounding Pharmacy is excited to introduce our new dermatologist-formulated skincare line.  Our innovative formulations incorporate the ideal levels of the most advanced active and natural ingredients to produce clinically significant and often extraordinary results. We offer products for acne, anti-aging, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and many other conditions.  Furthermore, our formulations specifically avoid ingredients that can cause redness, flaking and other untoward reactions. Our products are non-prescription, medical grade formulations.

You can purchase these products directly from Anderson Compounding Pharmacy or from our online store.  We offer a FREE 15 minute skin care consultation by appointment.  A trained skin-care specialist will work with you to customize a skin care regimen for your specific skin type.  Complete our skin analysis form prior to your visit.  After completing the online form, call to schedule your appointment.

To schedule an appointment, order products, or for questions, contact:

Alecia Horn, CPhT
423-764-4136 Ext. 132

Email:  skincare@acprx.net



These cleansers jump start each skin care routine by washing away impurities and setting the foundation for the skin to receive vital nutrients from other treatment products.  Formulated with hydrating, oil balancing and soothing botanicals, each cleanser will produce a remarkable improvement in skin texture and hydration level. All are soap-free, pH balanced and utilize non-comedogenic lathering ingredients.

          -5% BP Face & Body Wash
          -Chamomile Facial Cleanser
          -Conditioning Make-Up Remover
          -Glyco-BP Face & Body Wash
          -Lavender Creamy Cleanser
          -Papaya Mint Face & Body Polish
          -Salicylic Face & Body Wash



Regular exfoliation is an important step to maintaining radiant and smooth skin. By gently removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface and pores, a dramatic change in skin texture and appearance is seen.  With age, natural exfoliation decreases significantly, leading to skin that is dull and lifeless.  Incorporating Anderson Professional Skincare Products exfoliators to the skin care regimen will reveal a complexion that is soft, smooth and much fresher in appearance.

          -Glycolic Gel
          -Glycolic Gel Pads
          -Micro-Buff Creme



Anderson Professional Skincare Products pH adjusted skincare formulations pave the way for this toner that helps to refine skin's texture by increasing cellular renewal and dissolving oil and debris inside the pores.  Daily use will not only give skin a gentle microscopic exfoliation, but also a healthy radiance.          

          -Dual Action Toner



Eye & Lip Treatments
Tighten, hydrate and pamper the eye and lip area with Anderson Professional Skincare Products eye & lip treatments designed to minimize the effects of aging and environmental stress. These advanced antioxidant formulations offer cumulative results by combining superior hydrating and unique collagen boosting ingredients in peptide delivery systems.

          -Marine Lip Plump & Prime
          -Ultra Firm Eye
          -Hyaluronic Eye Treatment



Scientifically based, Anderson Professional Skincare Products anti-aging products utilize active ingredients in ideal levels that assure real skin improvement.  These advanced skin care products help reduce the effects of environmental stress & aging, strengthen elastin fibers and boost collagen production, dramatically rejuvenating the skin's appearance.

          -AHA Marine Moisture Crème
          -Lipid Drops
          -Multi-Complex Night Crème
          -O2 Lift Mask
          -Ultra Firm Neck and Chest
          -Ultra Firming Marine
          -Vita C Day Crème
          -Nutrient Mask
          -Tightening Renewal Mask



Acne/Oily Skin
Anderson Professional Skincare Products acne treatment products are formulated with pore penetrating, oil dissolving ingredients and soothing botanicals that help improve the look of pores, reduce irritation and alleviate skin inflammation common with acne breakouts.  Formulated with clinically proven ingredients: salicylic & glycolic acids, benzoyl peroxide with soothing botanicals and antibacterial tea tree oil, these products will help clear breakouts and maintain acne free skin.

          -2.5% or 5% BP Lotion
          -Acne Spot Treatment
          -AHA Clarifier
          -Pumpkin Clarifying Mask



These skin calming products are highly effective for treating surface redness, minimizing dark circles or helping control rosacea symptoms.  Utilizing the benefits of Vitamin K, soothing botanicals and proven antioxidants, sensitive skin conditions are noticeably improved.

          -Vitamin K Creme
          -Skin Soothing Relief Gel
          -Antioxidant Soothing Mask



Even Skin Tone
These products help fade dark skin pigmentation to create a healthy even-toned complexion. Anderson Professional Skincare Products even skin tone products are ideal to use for dark pigmentation seen with pregnancy, hormone therapy, sun exposure and can also help fade the marks left from old acne breakouts.

          -AHA Marine Fade Lotion
          -Retinol Drops
          -Glycolic Fade Creme



Maximizing skin hydration gives skin a plumper, smoother texture and a healthy radiance.  Anderson Professional Skincare Products state-of-the-art moisturizers utilize advanced hydrators, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Hawaiian Algae Peptides to ensure skin is replenished, soft and smooth.

          -Enriched Moisture Crème
          -Oil-Free Moisturizer
          -Lipid Drops
          -Vita-Silk Mask



Sun Protection
Anderson Professional Skincare Products full-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens help block damaging sun rays and help protect against skin discolorations, skin cancer and photo-aging.  Since ultraviolet light is present in high concentrations year-round, we recommend sunscreen be worn everyday, year-round to protect skin from premature aging, skin cancer and other sun related skin issues.

          -Replenishing Sunblock SPF 30
          -Tinted Moisturizer



Body Treatments
Bring back softness as you replenish moisture to the driest areas of your body, or have a gorgeous, safe sunless tan.  These formulations make it all possible.

          -AHA Body Lotion
          -Moisturizing Sunless Tanner



Skin Care Kits
Custom create your own kit or choose any of Anderson Professional Skincare Products already designed skin care kits.You can choose any full sized products and create a specific, customized kit that complements your practice. We will help you if you need ideas or recommendations for creating personalized skin care kits.

Professional Skincare Products are available in our Online Store


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